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Hannah, that?s, my name. I am 23 years old and I?ve been working in the escort industry for quite some time now. I am currently finishing my degree in Business Management at a University in California and right now, I?m going to give to a step-by-step method on how to become an escort.

But before that, let me tell you a little background of me and my lifestyle.

Right now, I have my own car, my own house and my own business. I buy what I want. I shop almost every day. I own a large collection of designer bags. I fly to different places whenever I want.

Few of my friends are startled on how I had this kind of lifestyle. Simple, I am an escort.

I became an escort because I was broke that time. I was a shopaholic college student working at a fastfood chain, and my salary is not enough to feed my luxurious life and that time, for me, being an escort is the best choice.

I am trying to get out the industry now, because I need to focus on finishing my degree. But whenever someone needs me, or when I need extra cash, I can always go back to that profession.

How did I become an escort?

Well, as I?ve said, you will not be reading this blog if you are not interested in this biz. Are you? So here.

If you want to become an escort, you should first ask 3 important questions to yourself.

How are you going to handle family and friends?

This is one of the most difficult matters for women who decide to be escorts. How will you handle your family members? reaction when they hear about your chosen profession? This isn?t going to be hard if your friends and open-minded family support you in whatever you do.

But for some conservative people, this is something very controversial. They may decide to keep your life private or just endure criticism of the people surrounding you.

Is being an escort going to be your main source of income?

If your job is hideous, it will be a wise choice to consider escorting. Like me, I love shopping and would do everything for shopping. But my salary is not that enough to compensate for my lavish lifestyle. One sweet thing about being an escort is your daily wage can be earned with just an hour. Honestly, I earn $600 every night. Comparing it to my job at the fast food chain, my pay for being a harlot is miles away far from being a food server.

Are you really comfortable having casual sexual encounters with total strangers?

Not all women are adventurous when it comes to sex. Not everyone are confident and at ease with sex that has no strings attached ?especially with people whom they do not know.

I, myself, am not sexually adventurous. I thought of these casual encounters with people I consider as totally strangers, but the thought of earning more money for my shopping needs ate me and decided to be a Lady-of-the-night.

If you really wanted to become an escort, just follow these few simple steps. It?ll help you become the hottest escort on town

1.       Get high-quality, professional digital photographs of yourself.

You do not need to be hiring a professional photographer just to have good quality photos. But if you have enough means to get one, that?s a good idea, too. Make sure you get good photos with that photographer.

Remember, your photos should be enticing and clear. Make sure also, that it shows your personality. Some clients might not be interested in getting you as their escorts when they don?t see your face through your pictures.

Get as much photos as you can have, it?s a way of marketing yourself for future clients.

 2.       Make a character for yourself.

When making a name, think of the type of clients you hope to work with. Make a persona based on what would attract your clients. Do not use your real name. Google some stripper names and you?ll get some. Use a common, typical name that goes well with your personality.

 3.       Establish how clients should contact you.

Get a selected phone for contacts to call you. Also make an email address that is strictly for your escort services only.  These ways or methods should only be used for work and never cross over into your personal life.

 4.       Determine your service area.

Many escorts work in large, urban areas. Decide which parts of the city you plan to work in. If a client is outside of the general service area, charge an additional cost for traveling to an appointment with him or her.

If you’re working in a minor, rural area, choose the number of miles you’re willing to go to meet a client. Charge extra for your time and travel costs or recommend another escort who is closer to his or her location.

 5.       Create high quality copy for your marketing ad and profile for sites which offers escort services.

You can include your measurements and some information about your physical traits. Also, take account of services and areas you want to work.

Stay away from clich?s even if everyone else has their ads stuffed with those. By no means, do not indicate that you are a newbie to the industry; you will only bring a freak magnet that will draw many unwanted and fly-by-night clients.

These are some of the webistes where you can post some of your ads:


 6.       Decide on what services are you going to offer.

Think about your services, this is something you have to decide for yourself. Keep in mind that you do not need to pressure yourself in activities that you are uncomfortable with.

Never worry if you limit your services, there are many guys there that who want things you want to provide. Trust me, I am an escort.

 7.       Create a method to keep track of clients and appointments.

Creating an email distribution link will be the first thing you will do in this step. This will help you to continue communicating with your clients.

It is good to not miss an appointment with someone. Many of the harlots in the industry use calendars or planners.

You should also keep a number of notes about engagements and patrons so you can refer back to them later when determining if you should see a client, again, and know what to expect from him or her.

 8.       Lastly, name your price.

This factor will go up and down depending on the cost of living in your area or your lifestyle. Do not set your rates lower that your lifestyle. Set them as you want them to be.

Hey, it is okay if you charge more if you are young, sexy and seducing. As long as you are rational within your place, you should have no difficulty finding customers who are eager to pay whatever fee you settle on.

Being an escort can give you the lifestyle of a rich girl has. It has a lot of benefits. You will enjoy

  • Paying your rentals or mortgage expenses on a new home.
  • driving your own brand new car
  • increasing your clothing and accessories with designer brands
  • treating yourself with the best and supreme spa treatments
  • enjoying the best food from the best restaurants the city has to offer
  • Taking pleasure in holidays to foreign cities and places that others only fantasize about.

Being an escort can be both potentially very money-spinning and potentially very dangerous, it can bring you a great income, great freedom, but can also bring you jail time or being harmed, raped or robbed.

Some of the downsides of being an escort are:

  • Meeting unpleasant people. This is the riskiest of the risk. When a client becomes dangerous in you. Even if you have all the protection and bodyguards, you are uncovered with dangerous people.
  • Rude and unpleasant clients. It is likely that you consider a client who is impolite, horrible, or cheats you with money. Escort agencies do check the background of customers, but there is no 100% guarantee.
  • Secrets and lies. You may be living 2 lives when you choose this profession ?especially if your friends and family members are not that open-minded when it comes to this kind of job.

It’s always up to you if you really want to be an escort. But for me, trying out this job is a good idea especially when you need some extra cash for your family. Well, for me, right now, it’s not about money anymore. I now enjoy being an escort not because of money, but because I want to be a person that makes a man’s fantasies come to life.



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