Black Magic in the Philippines

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Black Magic StrategyWhat is a Black Magic?

Magic which is known as occult kind is one of the oldest organization in the world and many of these organizations have been developed over the ages. Magic is a field where the practical psychosis forces are taking in place. It involves the use of mental training, concentration and a strategy of symbols to program the mind. Its main intention is to change and control the person and the environment.

Controlling one?s person without their knowledge with bad intentions using a magic is called Black Magic. There are occult who claim their selves as a ?Satanists? a group who worship evil. These people are most likely tricksters, a group of individual without serious intentions, or simply misinformed. They maybe got fallen into the art of black magic because they can manipulate one?s free will however, being a real black magician is very dangerous because you?re selling and dedicating yourself to evil.

Indications of Black Magic

Black magic influenced a person?s wisdom and mind. If you?re experiencing a mental block, sleep disturbance with bad dreams and negative thoughts, then maybe you?re under the spell of this deception. Difficulty of breathing, weight on the heart, constriction in the throat, restless, depress, lack of enthusiasm, lack of peace and feeling of not achieving one?s desire to do something can be possible indications.

There are also some harmful indications when you use black magic:

? Destroying someone?s career.

? Controlling the person?s mind for sex.

? Accidents.

? Making people sick or making the victim commit suicide.

? Rape of women in dreams by spirits where the occurrence of orgasm is real.

? Blocking a woman?s monthly period.

? Breaking relationship of the other people.

Black Magic in the Philippines

Filipino people create mythology to explain the world of black magic around them and to interpret the supernatural issue and its purpose of existence. The idea of Black magic in the Philippines described and contains a huge kind of mythical creatures. Although there?s no scientific evidence for any of these creatures, some Filipino still believe in their existence and the terrified effect it could bring to their lives.

Philippine Mythical Creatures

Bungisngis Carrying Heavy Creature

? Bungisngis?it is described as a one eyed giant who is always laughing. It came from Tagalog world ?ngisi? which means ?giggle?. This giant creature has an android shape body with a large teeth, its upper lip extends up to the face. His eye is located in the middle part of its forehead. It is believe that this creature is able to lift heavy things and throw it with force.

Attacking Human

? Aswang ? This creature is a shapeshifters. It is believed that they are human by day and transform into another image when the night came. They attack humans by night time especially pregnant woman. Aswang can change their form to human to a different animal forms. They uses a foul oil to change their form invent by an evil magicians. This type of creature is popular in Visaya?s region particularly in Capiz and Ilo-ilo.

? Duwende ? It is known as elves or dwarfs. These are little creatures that can make a magic to provide all your desires in life. It is believed that these little creatures are residing inside the house, trees or small hill in rural areas.

 Guard of Natural Creations

? Diwata ? These are described as fairies, beautiful goddesses to guard the natural creations like forests, seas, mountains, land and air. It is believed that these creatures are residing in large trees such as acasia and balete.

Kapre with Little Girl

? Kapre ? A dark giant who loves to smoke large pipe of cigars at the top of the tree describing as having a brown, hairy male with beard. This term came from Arabic term ?kaffir? which means non-believer in Islam. Kapres make contact with human especially attractive woman to offer friendship. If this creature befriends to this person and fell in love, this creature will follow its love desire to a woman throughout her life.

Sorcerer Who Possess Black Magic

? Mangkukulam ? it came from Spanish word ?bruja? which means witches and wizards or sorcerers who can put spells to humans. Mangkukulam uses a rag doll to injure their victims however, there must have a belonging from the victim must be got in order for the curse to work. It could be things like hair, spit, or blood for much better effect. The mangkukulam starts the spell by tying a string around the body of the doll, this string symbolizes the witch?s power over the victim, and in this case anything the witch does to the doll will also be felt by the victim.

Half-man and Half-horse Creature

? Tikbalang ? It is a half-man and half-horse creature. It describes as having a horse?s head and feet and the body of human. It goes by night time to assault female victims. It is believed that this creature is very playful with people to the extent that they make the person imagine the things that are not real and this will drive the person crazy.

Sea Living Creatures

? Sea Creatures like Sirena and Siyokoy ? These sea creatures have human form and scaled bodies and a fish tail on the lower extremities. Siyokoy is the male counterpart of Sirena. They attract fisherman and tourists and drown these people for food.


There are also group of Filipino individuals who possess black magic by means of ?psychics? who operate other people?s mind in a very unique way. These people are engaged in a group called occult. They comprehend such activities like science, art, philosophy, metaphysics, psychology and religion.

Some uses spiritual healing like witch doctors or often known as albularyo. These individual possess the black magic to heal the sick people. A sacrifice is required in the form of slaughtered animals to be offer to gods. They demand payment by means of food, weapons and other valuable things.

Magic is fun and interesting but it is good to use it for helping other people.Magic is beneficial; it can give you an excellent health, and bring you good fortune if you use it for personality improvement to control and eliminate bad lifestyle and to develop new motivations.

Magic Is Beneficial

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