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Want to become an escort?  Here you will find a short story from a call girl, facts and FAQs about becoming in escort.

How To Become An EscortWhen I first decided that I wanted to try being a call girl, just the thought of it was a bit scary because I didn’t know what I was getting myself into but nonetheless I contacted an escort service and asked for an interview.  The reason I contacted  the service first was because I had no experience and wanted to make sure everything was handled professionally.

The interview process was easy and actually fun.  The owners of the service were a young couple and for my interview I gave them a nude show and yummy lap dances for each.  I guess they must have liked the show because they hired me on the spot.  I was introduced to a few of the other girls that worked there and was immediately relieved.  They were nice an answered 20 questions for me.  I was also surprised to find that one was a smoking hot law student, one was a house wife and the other had done modeling for WWF.  they explained to me that most of the customers will always ask for sex or in one way or another try to get you to have sex with them but this service only provided private shows, parties, strip-o-grams and even though limited touching is allowed (anywhere the bikini doesn’t cover) solicitation of sex is strictly prohibited.  If a service tries to get you to have sex with one of their customers they can be arrested and put in jail.

I want to be and EscortThat night they let me join one of the other girls to a party with rich businessmen so she could sow me the ropes.  We ended up making $900 each in 3 hours, including an extra bonus they gave us for a girl on girl show.  It was my first time to go on a call and it was my first lesbian  experience.

Now I have been a call girl for 3 years and plan to continue for 2 more years which is when I graduate.  I will admit the drinking and partying can be a bit much sometimes but I have found a good balance and still over excel in school.  I make almost $100,000 per year and that just because I’m only working part time (3 to 4 nights per week).  This work is not for everyone in fact many of you girls out there probably couldn’t handle it because there is always fancey parties and money being thrown in front of your face and it easy to get caught up.

If you are wondering if you would make a good escort worry no longer.  The reason I say this is because there are so many types of girls that the clients request.  Sometimes they will pay $300 just to have a girl come pee on them… (I’ve seen it all).   I’ve seen all types of girls just raking in the money because they have a good attitude or a niche.  Some girls specialize in bondage like whips, handcuffs and leather, some just do the girl next door look and some are horny housewives.  Speaking of, you have a strong sexual appetite then you have fit 90% of the requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming an Escort  RDU Escorts Many women work as escorts because it is an extremely rewarding profession that pays as much as an attorney charges. Not only are the financial rewards very high but the work is extremely varied and as flexible as the escort requires. Escort work places the woman in complete control of her working life and they are the ones who call the shots. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about becoming an escort.

Do I have to have sex with clients?

Absolutely NOT! Selling sex is prostitution and unlawful. An escort merely provides her time and company in a variety of situations such as attending business and social functions where a client needs a partner. Escort work is nothing more than companionship and this is what a client pays for.

So escort work is not being a prostitute?

CORRECT! Escorts are highly paid professionals who come from all walks of life and are of all ages and characters. Many are highly educated women who seek the excitement and rewarding work that being an escort provides. Many of our escorts travel widely both at home and abroad, and many others use escort work as a means to open doors into other careers such as mainstream modeling, music and acting.

Is it fun?

If you like to party on yachts, fancey hotels and hang out with smart successful men then I think you would have lots of fun. Most escorts don’t even consider it work.

Can I set my own hours and vacation time?

Absolutely. The demand for escorts is extremely high so this not only means lucrative financial rewards but that escorts are able to set their working schedules to suit them rather than the agency. You only need to establish what kind of schedule you wish to have and provide dates and times of your availability for work. The same applies with taking vacation time. You can take as much time as you want if you can afford to do that and report back to work when you are ready.

How much can I earn?

Escort work is highly lucrative and rates charged will match those of attorneys in any city you care to mention. How much you will make will depend a lot on your own attitude to work and the kind of assignments you wish to take on. If you are prepared to travel abroad you are likely to be paid more than if you remain local. If you are in demand from clients this will also increase your income as well as other factors, many of which depend on how well you perform your work.

I already part time work, is this possible?

Yes. Again you stipulate your availability for assignments and it is up to you to set your schedule and to be available when needed in that time frame. Many escorts provide services which are scheduled to fit around a busy private life so they can raise families or finish school.

Can I work for myself or do I need to be with an agency?

You can do both if allowed by the service. If you are starting out in the profession then it probably makes a lot of sense to register with an agency that is experienced in handling escort work. This way you will be given clients and assignments while also being able to gain experience in the do?s and don?ts of escort work. This does not mean you can never set yourself up as an independent but many escorts prefer to work with an established agency as it is more convenient and flexible.

I don?t want anyone to know what I do for a living ? is that possible?

Yes. Many escorts have successful and rewarding careers for many years and no-one ever knows what they do for a living. Anonymity and discretion are key features in escort work for both clients and escorts alike.

Will I be safe?

If you are new to escort work then starting with an established agency will be best. A good agency will show you the procedures they have in place that ensure that not only are you safe at all times, but what to do in the event that for any reason you feel uncomfortable. Many NC escorts are themselves escorted to assignments and collected once they have completed their work in order to ensure that everything is okay. Many escorts also have regular clients who become personal acquaintances, if not friends, as time progresses.

These are just a few of the frequently asked questions about starting in escort work. You may have many, many more and you can easily find out what you need to know by sending us an email or giving us a call to register with our service.

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