What Percent of Women Fake It? Sorry Guys.

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Attention: Guys, men, boys, males. I have some not-so-good news for you. Many women fake it, okay. Fake what? Do you sometimes enjoy hearing a girl orgasmly screaming at the top of her lungs, while having sex? Do you think her orgasm is real? Probably not, probably yes. But I tell you, many women no matter what profession they are fake it.  Pornstars, Prostitutes and Escorts fake orgasm  and I could proudly say that I fake as well.

My name is Cyndi and I am here to share some information why people fake orgasm. A British Study proves that 80% of straight women ages 18 to 48 faked their orgasms during sexual intercourse. Another study in the “Archives of Sexual,” found that 54% of 453 women, from the Southeastern USA that were in a long term relationship, faking an orgasm.

I didn?t remember being surveyed by those researchers. I?d probably be added to the results, if I were one of the respondents. But anyway, I myself admit that I fake my orgasms. But when I or we fake it, it is not every time we have sex, there are just chances that we do it.

We girls have different reasons why we fake it. But two of our reasons fall onto one place. Here they are:

  • We avoid negative consequences ? we never wanted our sex partner to have this sad feeling that they didn?t perform well during the intercourse. A fake one keeps negative consequences/feelings away.
  • We want to please our partner ? who doesn?t want to please a partner. Faking an orgasm shows that we are concerned about our partner?s performance
Do Porn Stars and Prostitutes Fake their Orgasm?

Well, I know some porn stars ?my friends actually. And yea, some do, some don?t. It’s not easy to tell.

A woman fakes her orgasm when:

She is still energetic after sex. For a woman to cum, she needs oxytoxin and endorphins. This may lead them to be drained or tired after the intercourse.

If a girl was able to jump out of the bed and put her clothes in a quick manner, she probably faked it.

I am doing this to my customers and they are not aware that I faked it. I just tell them that I need to go.


Physical Traits Change when there is real Orgasm

Girls have different things that they do when they reach the orgasm stage, some become quiet, and some are loud. Some just concentrate; some push their nails on the back of their partners.

But there are common things that a woman?s body does when they reach the climax, her nipples become hard, she doubles her breath and she feels some contractions in her vagina.

Her thighs elongate uncontrollably and her clitoris becomes very sensitive.

If you are still making  moves inside her and her pace doesn’t change, she?s faking it.


Moaning and whispering are signs that a girl is really Cumming. But, when she screams at the top of her lungs, it means she?s faking it.

Sex takes too much energy and shouting at the top of her lungs would not be easy. If your sex partner is too noisy when doing sex, you?re off, men!

She Doesn’t Get Close To You

When women cum, they feel attached to the man who made it possible for them to reach the climax. She will probably ask you to cuddle her or just get close to you. If she faked it, she?ll just stay on the other side of the bed and sleep there.

Do Males Fake Orgasm, Too?

Yes, yes! They do! With the years of being in the sex business, I know when a man fakes his orgasm. But why do it?

Most men can only climax once or twice before they become really exhausted. Because they do not want to have the defeat feeling of being more tired then their partner, by becoming really exhausted. They do resort to faking it.


  • Drugs, alcohol and other medicines can result in lower libido, which results even more too delayed ejaculation of men.
  • Many men think that orgasm is very manly. This belief is an added pressure to their masculinity. Rather than being called a sissy, they result to faking their orgasm.
  • Some of the men are stressed enough while trying to reach climax. Stress causes men to be unable to have orgasm and enables them to fake it.

These reasons are based on my experiences and are all pretty good, why men fake their orgasms.

Faking an orgasm is acceptable when you are doing once in a blue moon, but when you do it every time, you got a problem, dude! All of these are perfectly good reasons.

If you are having a hard time in reaching the real orgasm you’ve been dreaming about, you need to talk it over with your partner or you can even consult a specialist about it.


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