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What to Do When you Meet Your Escort?

Many guys simply have no idea what to expect when they use an escort service in Wilmington NC, so here is a brief look at the etiquette attached.  An escort in NC is a professional and if she sees that you are behaving professionally she is going to appreciate that and you’ll get a far better experience as a result.  A little professional courtesy goes a long, long way!

First off, escorts in Wilmington NC may be professionals but they are women and human beings nevertheless.  They will respond just like anyone else if they are treated with consideration and professional respect.  You may be looking for a wild ride or a romantic encounter or indeed anything in between, but like any other person, treat them well and you’ll get the very best out of them.  Doing business is a two way street and you’ll get the best out of the service if you give a little yourself.

Remember if you have not met before, you are letting a stranger into your life.  You can be assured of privacy and discretion as this is the lifeblood of any escort service, but do not put temptation in the way of anyone you are not sure of.  Remove your valuables and don’t leave your wallet lying around.  Most NC escorts are hard working, honest professionals but until you are comfortable do not take any chances.  You should leave the money for the service out on display though as it will give her confidence that you are serious and not a waste of time.

 Clean up the place and yourself.  Simply being clean and sober will put you way up in the big leagues of a NC escort’s clients.  This doesn’t mean you can’t have a drink, but don’t be wasted when she comes over not to mention you aren’t going to enjoy yourself if alcohol has its usual effect on men.  Take a shower, brush your teeth and put clean bed sheets on the bed and you are showing serious consideration for her; something that is going to be repaid in kind.

If you smoke let her know and tell her that she can smoke too if she wishes to.  If you don’t smoke, say so and she will know that she shouldn’t light up herself.  This may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is a simple courtesy that helps demonstrate some mutual respect.  Remember, women are women and little things go a long way with them no matter what their line of work.

Having sex with a NC escort (which is only legal if no money is exchanged) for the first time may feel a little strange to you, but any professional will know this and know how to handle it.  You can show her that you are making an effort to have a good time and you can do this easily which will be as much for your benefit as hers.  Changing the sheets is one thing, but and you need to pay attention to this, buy your own condoms and use the brand you prefer as the escort may have forgotten to bring some or use a brand that you don’t like.  Having sex with a woman is a far better experience if she is turned on and willing and you can help this by making sure you have some lubrication.  Make sure there is plenty of KY jelly available as even though the Wilmington escort may be really turned on there are plenty of reasons why she may not feel wet.  Simply taking nasal drops will dry a woman up and not just in their nasal passages, so if you want a great sexual experience make sure you are prepared.

After you have enjoyed your time, having some towels to clean up and offering her the shower will show you are a considerate client.  You’ll find that following these simple steps will greatly enhance the service you get from a Wilmington escort simply because you have put her at ease and treated her professionally.  When she leaves, if you get a kiss and hug you’ll know you’ve been marked as a good client and that means you’ll get more bang for your buck and a good reputation with other NC escorts.



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