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Frequently Asked Questions about Using an Escort Service

If you have not used an escort service in NC before you will probably have questions about what is going to happen and how to handle yourself.  You’ll find the answers to many of the frequently asked questions right here.

Am I going to get laid if I hire an escort in NC?

Many guys ask whether they are going to get laid if they use an escort service.  An escort in NC is not a prostitute. Prostitutes have sex for money; this is illegal and can get you and the woman into serious trouble.  That does not mean that consentual sex is wrong.  You have to be clear that you are not paying an escort for sex, you are simply paying for her company and what happens is between two consenting adults.

What does an escort agency provide, if not sex?

All escort agencies should provide nothing other than companionship and legal entertainment.  You should be clear with the agency about this upfront to avoid any misunderstandings later on.  Even if you ask an agency or escort whether they provide a full “girlfriend experience” or GFE you still can’t be sure you are hiring the type of escort that you are looking for.

When do I pay?

You will pay for the service when you meet.  There is usually an agency fee which covers the cost of the service and a discretionary tip that is paid for the escort when she arrives.  A good idea is to have the money prominently displayed when the escort arrives so that they can see you are serious about doing business and are not wasting anyone’s time.

How much will I pay?

Charges vary depending on where you are and your selection.  Establish exactly what you will have to pay in advance with the agency or escort so there are no misunderstandings later on.  Remember you cannot ask a question such as “How much for sex?” as this is illegal.

Do escorts really have an orgasm or is it part of the show?

Escorts in NC are just like any other women and if you are doing something right, they are going to enjoy the experience just as much as you are.  Some escorts do fake orgasms while others don’t.  What matters is that you enjoy yourself.

Why are these women working as escorts?

 Women of all ages and backgrounds become escorts and for many they genuinely enjoy their work.  Working as an escort provides financial and life opportunities that are not available elsewhere. You might be surprised at the education level of many women who have chosen escort as their career path.  Plus it's better than meeting guys on Wilmington NC personals!

 I’ve never paid for female companionship in my life – am I a loser?

Absolutely not!

Just look at the list of people who have used escort services and you will see that they come from all walks of life and many powerful and successful men use escorts precisely because of the great service they get.

Using an escort service in Wilmington or anywhere in NC is a sensible step to take if you want some company or much more, but do not want the uncertainty or commitment of a “traditional” relationship that may not go anywhere.

You’ll probably have a lot more questions than this, but these are probably the ones that crop up the most often.  Remember if you have any questions or concerns you should always raise them with the escort or agency first and make sure you are happy with the situation.  Using an escort service in NC should be fun and a great experience while you are paying for a very valuable service; you are the client and it is the job of the agency and the Wilmington escort to look after you and keep you happy.



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