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Why Escorts are Better than Lawyers

How many of you are divorced?

Most of us are and the definition of a divorce is “The extraction of a mans’ wallet via his balls!”  Lawyers are making a killing out of marriage and it is really big business; not only do you get to lose what you have worked hard to build up for your life but you get to keep paying for it for the rest of your life and even after death.

That is the real difference between a lawyer and a NC escort.

After you die, an escort will stop screwing you!

Using an escort is a simple straight forward deal – you pay for their time and attention, when you want it and how you want it and in there are no strings attached.  They are not interested in whether you see other women, they do not have any financial interest in you except for the money you pay for their time and services and if you never want to see them again, no lawyer is going to be beating a path to your door to take the house, car and bank balance.

Escorts provide a very real alternative to getting married or having a serious relationship.  There are no strings and no commitments so you can simply get on with enjoying your life and doing the tings that you really want to do without any of the financial risks that may be lurking down the road.  With more than half of marriages ending in divorce, and the sex stopping a long time before the marriage does, an escort provides a great alternative.

Escorts are far better than lawyers in every respect so decide which one you would prefer to be meeting – chances are if you get into a marriage you’re going to be meeting the lawyer and though there won’t be any sex involved, you are going to get screwed.

Escorts Cost the Same Per Hour as a Lawyer

When I divorced my lawyer charged me $250 an hour and by the time marriage was ended I was out a ton of money.  The worst thing was that I had to pay my ex wife’s attorneys fees and he charged $300 an hour!  You think that after you have gotten everything finished that the money going out of your wallet and into the hands of the lawyers will stop – WRONG!
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I’m still paying lawyers fees five years after the divorce – I’m still getting screwed and I will be even after I’m dead as the vultures keep coming after you for as long as your ex is still alive and kicking.

Now if you want a “traditional” relationship you better be clear in your head that at some point down the road you are going to have a lawyer shafting you for that kind of money.  You won’t enjoy it, you won’t like how they look and you won’t want to go back for another try.

An escort charges about the same rate as a lawyer.  The difference is that you get to choose how much you are going to pay, how long you are going to pay it and what you want out of the transaction. 

You get to choose an escort that you like and if you don’t like one, you can always try another.  Unlike a lawyer, an escort is not going to come after you for your money, house or car; it’s a straight forward business deal for services that you want and how you want them without any other strings attached except you pay for what you use. 

You can make a simple decision now; be screwed by a lawyer or by an escort.  Either way you are going to pay for it, but it is your choice whether you are going to enjoy the experience and want to go back for more or whether you are just going to have to pay for a very sore time.



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