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Escorts in NC’s A-to-Z of Sex


Ever wanted to expand your sexual vocabulary beyond “fuck”, “screw” and “blowjob”?


Well for your education and entertainment we present the Escorts in NC dickstionary of sexual terms and connotations.





Afterglow – that great feeling after sex, especially for men a feeling of release and contentment that usually results in snoring shortly after orgasm and for women, the need for a cuddle and chat about “What are you thinking?”


Anal Beads – a string of beads inserted into her ass (or yours if you feel so inclined) and removed at the moment of climax – take them out straight and not at an angle from the ass as it hurts!


Anal Sex (also known as Buggery) – using the ass for sex, this can mean insertion of the penis or performing oral sex or simply massaging it.  If you are going down on a woman, try gentle massaging of her ass with your finger but lube up – KY Jelly is favorite but spit will do too.  Take it easy as you can seriously hurt your partner; make sure you have trimmed nails and lots of lubricant.  100% guaranteed not to get a woman pregnant providing you don’t let your love juice get onto her vagina and if gay here’s what one gay sperm said to the other “How are we supposed to find the egg with all this shit in here!”.


Angry Dragon – the act of coming in someone’s mouth with your dick at the back of their throat and immediately after you come, slapping the back of their head so the love juice spurts out of their nostrils.  Frequently followed by the exhortation “Honey if you loved me you’d swallow!”


Analingus or Anilingus – also known as rimming; oral sex performed on the ass.


Anorgasmic – not able to have an orgasm; don’t worry guys this happens to all of us at some point.


Autofellatio – the act of sucking off your own cock – you need flexibility, a short torso and a long cock – if you are not Ron Jeremy you are in the same dilemma as the rest of us with women – can’t live with them and can’t get a blowjob without one!




Balloon Knot – your ass


Bareback – sex without a condom


BDSM – Bondage, Domination and Sado-Masochism – now you know how this is different from M&M’s


Bestiality – sex with animals; yeuk!


Bisexual – someone who has sexual attraction and orientation to both male and female; also known as greedy


Blueballs – that feeling you have in your sac when you haven’t had an orgasm in a while; felt especially after you have been sexually aroused but not completed the act usually because you are lame enough to think taking her out on an expensive date was enough to get into her pants


Blowjob – oral sex performed on a man; in Denmark it is known as a “suck job” which should be adopted here as it would lead to a drastic reduction in the number of incidents where inexperienced girls have taken the name literally and attempted to blow up their boyfriends


Boner – hard on, erection, got wood, chubby in the hoody (if uncircumcised), Mr. Happy, One Eyed Moisture Seeking Missile – if in doubt buy some Viagra


Blood sports – in BDSM, the act of cutting or drawing blood in connection with sexual gratification


Breath Play – interrupting breathing as a means of enhancing the sexual experience


Brothel – a house of prostitution


Bronze Eye – your ass (also known as Brass Eye)


Bugger – to have anal sex with, usually man on man but not exclusively so


Bukkake – the act of many men ejaculating onto the face of a woman, Japanese in origin after some guys became bored with Sudoku puzzles and Tetris


Bust a Nut – to come or ejaculate (men), hence the term “Nut Juice” for semen


Butt Plug – a flexible sex toy inserted into the anus – buying a well proportioned cucumber is cheaper and more nutritional (recommended you peel it after use)


Butt Fuck(ing) – to have anal sex




Castrate – something that you only should ever do to the cat; removal of a man’s testicles


Cherry – a woman’s virginity, also refers to the hymen, a membrane covering the entry to the vagina which if unbroken is a sign of intact virtue


Choad – penis, dick, cock


Chocolate starfish – the anus


Circumcision – removal of the foreskin in men, usually performed shortly after birth for religious or medical reasons – often referred to as “the unkindest cut of all” and probably a good explanation why men feel picked on from the get go


Clap – venereal disease (named after the Roman goddess of love – Venus) or in modern parlance, a sexually transmitted disease or STD


Clean – not having an STD and especially AIDS

Climax - orgasm

Clit clitoris - the small mound just above the vagina that forms the basis for the female organism; men ignore this at the peril to their sexual reputation; pay particular attention to the clit in foreplay and she’ll be wetter than October in Seattle

Cock – penis, dick, woody

Cock Snot – semen, cum

Cockpit – term for the vagina where any Top Gun will want to spend some time; a term from old England and Elizabethan times cited in Shakespeare (Henry V amongst others)

Cock Ring – a plastic or leather strap fitted around the base of the penis to restrict blood flow and keep you hard; fair warning – too small and you’ll be sorry, it hurts like a bitch!

Coitus – sexual intercourse, also known as congress or plain simple fucking

Coitus Interruptus – removing the penis from the vagina prior to ejaculation as a method of contraception or so you can let her swallow or because you have kids running around the house who barge in on the action for eternal family embarrassment (frequent incidents usually result in a notice to quit being served on the offspring and offers to send them to camp, college, Aunt Sally-Mae or Iraq)

Come – cum – semen or the act of having an orgasm for both men and women

Condom – a plastic/latex sheath placed over the penis as a contraceptive; also known as a French Letter and named after the town of Condom in France; spare a thought for the horny folk getting it on before latex was invented – condoms were reusable and durable being made from leather or other non-porous and very thick material; in some undeveloped countries there is a thriving cottage industry that cleans and recycles used condoms for further use eg Bangkok, Hong Kong and Tsavo lending a whole new meaning to “cum lover”

Coprophile – sexual interest in shit

Coprophagia – eating shit – not recommended – usually done by middle management or IRS agents

Copulate – having sex

Cream – with men, refers to ejaculation and with women it means to produce vaginal fluids or the female ejaculation also known as squirting

Cross Dress – men who like wearing women’s clothing are referred to as “cross dressing” – harmless and does not indicate homosexuality; men who wear women’s clothing are also known as transvestites or TV’s

Cunnilingus – this is oral sex performed on a woman, not to be confused with the Irish national airline (Aer Lingus) nor with someone who is good at languages – a cunning linguist

Cunt – harsh, Anglo Saxon word and deemed very offensive around the world; frequently used in reference to ex wife’s, cheating girlfriends and anyone else that has aroused a degree of irritation; a polite way of using the word cunt is to use the expanded term “C U Next Tuesday” as in “She’s a C U Next Tuesday!”

Cut – circumcised

Cyber – Cybersex – refers to erotic chatting over the internet, especially to masturbation while on a web cam; a webcam is definitely needed as unless you are able to use a mouse effectively with your left hand you’re going to have a difficult balancing act to get through



Danza Slap – slapping a woman’s face with your dick – named after Tony Danza, a porn star who exclaimed after slapping a woman “Who’s the Boss!”

Dental Dam  - who says dentists don’t have any fun?  This is a latex sheet used when giving oral sex on a woman as a safe sex aid.

Dick – self explanatory!  It’s your knob, willy, incredible throbbing python of love, one eyed trouser snake, the lizard (as in drain the lizard) or if being medical, penis.

Dildo – a sex toy used for insertion in the vagina or ass; unlike a vibrator, a dildo has no moving parts (see vibrator)

Deep Throat – pushing your dick into a woman’s throat as distinct from simply her mouth – tests the gag reflex; have a care if she’s just eaten

Deflower – to take someone’s virginity, usually refers to a woman

Dirty Sanchez – in porn flicks usually termed ass-to-mouth; having oral sex after anal sex or; wiping the fudge off your dick onto a woman’s upper lip after anal sex to simulate a moustache

Doggie Style  - also known as “making the beast with two backs”; taking a woman (or man) from behind aka rear entry and refers to straight and anal sex;

Dominatrix – the dominant party in BDSM and refers to a female (male = Dominatum)

Donkey Punch – an urban legend supposedly dealing with the idea that when having anal, punching them in the back of the head and rendering them unconscious will cause a clenching of the anal sphincter – practising this is likely to result in your anal sphincter clenching around your cell mate after you are charged, tried and convicted of assault or death (it has happened)

Domme – see Dominatrix, female dominant in a BDSM relationship

Double Penetration – also known as DP; penetration of anus and vagina at the same time – can be in a group sex situation or one-on-one with the aid of a dildo, butt plug, suitable vegetable etc

Drag Queen – a male transvestite; especially associated with gay men wearing outrageous female attire usually associated with a stage show and cabaret

Drum Solo – when a woman has an orgasm it may cause rhythmic throbbing of the clitoris


Eagle Wings – when a woman opens her legs wide open, usually when receiving oral sex

Eat (someone) Out – to perform oral sex on a woman

ED – erectile disfunction.

Edgeplay – often painful sexual practices and potentially dangerous cf Donkey Punch

Ejaculation – usually refers to male discharge of cock snot upon orgasm but women can ejaculate too, also known as Squirting

Enema – pumping water, fluid or other chemical into your ass to make you shit

Enter – insertion of your dick in the vagina or ass

Erectile Dysfunction – inability to have or maintain a hard on, erection or stiffy – happens to all of us guys and is usually easily dealt with by relaxation, de-stressing or a healthy dose of Viagra – if all else fails, find a new chick as the old one simply isn’t working your Mojo

Erection – when your dick gets hard and stiff – due to blood being pumped into it and also known as stiffy, woody, hard on, getting angry and so on

Erotic – sexually exciting but often in a non-overt sense; eroticism deals with how the mind perceives sex rather than the act itself

Erotica – sexually erotic usually refers to stories, photographs or movies and used in a constructive and positive sense as opposed to Pornography

Exhibitionism – deriving sexual gratification from performing or exposing the sexual act publicly – this contrast with Voyeurism which refers to the watcher rather than the exhibitionist

Exotic Dancer – a stripper; give her your phone number by all means but don’t fall in love


Facial – coming on a woman’s face

Facesitting – where a woman sits on a guys face – sometimes taken to extreme by smothering him  

Fanny Fart – also known as a Queef; a farting sound as air is expelled from the vagina after sex; usually deeply penetrative and vigorous sex especially if done Doggy Style

Felch -  to come in someone’s ass and then lick or suck the spunk out

Fellatio – oral sex performed on a man

Female Ejaculation – also known as Squirting; when a woman has an orgasm and expels fluid

Femdom – a Domme or Dominatrix; a dominant woman in a BDSM relationship

Femme – a lesbian who has a very feminine appearance or a gay man who acts like a woman

Feminization -  when a man is dressed up in female attire; usually in BDSM when a man is humiliated

Fetish – we all have one or more; a sexual interest or obsession in an object or part of the body or even a type of sexual behavior; examples include foot fetish, stocking fetish, the risk of getting caught while having sex, sex on the hood of a car etc

Finger – using the finger to stimulate the clitoris or to insert a finger(s) into the vagina

Fist – also Fisting; putting your hand into the vagina or ass

Flaccid – a soft dick, not aroused

Flash – quickly exposing private parts; a woman may flash her tits or a man his dick; people who do this are Flashers or drunk women in New Orleans gathering beads at Mardi Gras

Fluffer – someone who performs oral sex on a porn actor to get him hard for the shoot

Foot Job – masturbation of a guy using the feet

Foreplay -  something guys forget about, usually kissing, petting and “I love you” mouthed in Oscar winning style; not practised in Australia where men are men and women are grateful (for the high sheep population)

Foreskin – the skin that covers the penis head and removed by circumcision

Fornicate sex between unmarried people

Frottage - rubbing against someone for sexual pleasure; think about when you are dancing with a chick and your pelvis and hers press against each other – hence the phrase “dancing is the vertical expression of a horizontal intention”

Fuck – to have sex


Gang Bang - many men having sex with one woman after another or at the same time

Gay homosexual; applies to men and women

GFE (Girlfriend Experience) -  where a professional treats her client as if she were his girlfriend.

Glory Hole – hole in adjoining cubicles through which your dick is passed for a woman (or guy) to perform sex as they please with it (usually a blowjob)

Glans – tip of the penis; very sensitive and where most of the pleasure is produced from

Go Down performing oral sex on a man or woman

Golden Shower – pissing on someone

Gonorrhea -  sexually transmitted disease, caused by gonococcus bacteria, causing painful urination in men (razor piss) and puss discharge from the penis – easily treatable but very infectious

Gonzo porn movies which are just about fucking with no plot or acting pretence

Gorilla Salad - pubic hair.

G-spot - . G stand for Grafenberg Spot ad is an area on the upper wall of the vagina that is especially pleasurable for a woman when stimulated


Half-and-Half – when a woman performs fellatio and sexual intercourse in a single sex session.

Hand Job – masturbating a guy

Hardcore -  explicit sexual depictions eg pornography where full penetration is shown as opposed to Softcore where the act is simulated or genitals and explicit sexual acts are screened or hidden from view; also means intense sex

Hard on - an erection.

Harlot - prostitute.

Head  (to give head) – giving a man a blowjob; also the top of the penis

Hentai - Japanese animation (anime) with sex scenes

Heterosexual not gay; someone who has sex with the opposite sex only

Homosexual – gay; person who has sex with members of the same sex

Hummer – blow job

Hump – to have sex with or to rub genitals without penetration

Hung – having a large dick eg “well hung” or “hung like a baboon”

Hustler - a prostitute, male or female, usually older and less popular but who will nevertheless hustle for drinks and tips without having sex

Hymen - fold of tissue partially covering the entrance of the vagina in some women and often cited as a mark of virginity being intact – often broken before sex has happened however


Impotence ;Impotent  - inability to have or sustain an erection(see ED/Erectile Dysfunction)

Infantilism - fetish practice where an adult role-plays being an infant, wearing baby clothing and sometimes being disciplined by a mommy 

Interracial - sex between people of different races

Intercourse – having sex


Jack Off – to masturbate; mash one out; wank – usually refers to men

Jerk Off – see Jack Off

Jill Off – female equivalent of Jack Off

Juice –vaginal lubrication produced by a woman usually when turned on


Kegel exercises - exercises for women to increase strength of the pelvic floor muscle which helps them achieve orgasm

Kinky - non-traditional or exotic sex cf. BDSM


Leather Cheerio – another name for your asshole

Lesbian – female homosexual; named after the Island of Lesbos off Greece

Libido – what you are feeling when horny

Lingam - ancient Indian term for your dick referred to in the Kama Sutra and Tantric Yoga

Lipstick Lesbian – a lesbian who eschews the “butch” image and dresses and acts like a feminine woman

Load – semen; come – to blow your load

Lolita – an underage girl; after the novel Lolita by Nabakov; also referred to as jail bait

Love Tunnel - vagina

Lube – abbreviation for lubricant

Lubricant – an oil or water based gel used to make sex more comfortable and pleasurable.


Maidenhead  - having an intact hymen and hence a virgin

Make-out Slut - a woman who tends to kiss many men but rarely has sexual intercourse





Masturbation – autoerotic sexual pleasure – using the hand to provide sexual pleasure, usually by yourself but not always and you can masturbate your partner

Masturbilia - something used during masturbation eg pornography

Menage a Trois – pronounced “menazh a twa” – three people having sex; a threesome

MILF (Mother I'd Like to Fuck) – a sexually attractive middle-aged woman.

Missionary Position - "traditional" sexual position in the West, where the woman lies on her back with her legs spread and the man enters her

Mistress -  dominant woman in a BDSM relationship; a domme or dominatrix

Money Shot – the cum shot in a porn movie when the guy blows his load usually on the woman’s face or tits

Multiorgasmic – prone to having or giving more than one orgasm, usually followed by the cry “Hey, it’s my turn you greedy bitch!”


Necrophilia – remember the movie line “I see dead people!” – this takes that thought further and is having sex with the dead

Nocturnal Emission – a wet dream; having an erotic dream causing a guy to ejaculate

Nonoxynol-9 - spermicide added to lubricants to increase contraceptive effectiveness especially with condoms or the cap – it was thought to help prevent AIDS infection but in fact actually increases them

Nooner – also known as a Quickie; sex at lunchtime and usually at the office

Nymphomania, Nymphomaniac - a woman who is sexually obsessed or has sex with many partners; a nympho


Onanism – masturbation

Oral Contraceptive – the pill; birth control pill taken by woman – the male pill has not yet been developed

Oral Sex – using the mouth, lips and tongue to perform sexual acts on your partners genitals – fellatio = man receiving; cunnilingus = woman receiving

Orgasm - climactic release of sexual tension and in a man usually accompanied by ejaculation

Orgy - sexual encounter with three or more people aka Group sex.


Pack the Fudge -crude and derogatory term for anal sex

Paraphilia - sexual obsession over an object or sex act

PC (Pubococcygeus) muscle -muscle targeted in Kegel exercises

Pearl Necklace - coming on someone's neck and upper chest, especially after receiving fellatio

Peg - using a strap on dildo on someone

Penis your dick

Petit Mort – French for “little death” meaning an orgasm

Play - sexual activity, especially BDSM

Pocket Pal – a vagina shaped sex toy

Polyamory – fucking around having sex with than one person (not at the same time)

Pop Someone's Cherry – taking someone’s virginity

Porn – abbreviation for Pornography

Pre-cum - the small amount of clear fluid expelled by the penis during sex but before ejaculation.

Premarital Sex - sex between two young, unmarried people – frowned on by religious groups all over the world especially The Pope – but then, if you don’t practice the game you shouldn’t be making the rules!

Premature Ejaculation – lack of control over timing of a man’s orgasm and leads to ejaculating too soon; canbe very fast

Priapism – a medical condition where you can’t lose your boner – it hurts like a bitch!

Pudendum, Pudenda – medically known as the Vulva – the external genitals of a woman

Pussy – the vagina

Pussy Juice – vaginal lubrication produced when a woman gets turned on


Queef – aka Fanny Fart; to fart with the vagina – caused by pumping action during sex trapping air.

Queer – gay or lesbian

Quickie – fast sex session; cf Nooner


Rainbow Sex – going down on a woman while she is menstruating.

Rimming, rim job -oral sex on the anus

Raw - sex without a condom

Reach Around – gay term; act of performing anal sex on a man while reaching around to the front to simultaneously masturbate him

Red Wings – see Rainbow Sex; oral sex on a woman while she is on the rag

Rubber a condom; but if you ever get a British chick she’ll think a rubber is an eraser!

Rusty Trombone - when someone licks a man's ass and reaches around to the front to masturbate his penis – gives the appearance of playing an instrument


Sadism - sexual pleasure by inflicting pain, discomfort, or humiliation on someone; see BDSM

Sapphic - relating to lesbians.

Scat - sex play involving shit – see coprophilia

Scissor Fight - when two women press their vaginas together by intertwining their legs – also known as tribadism 

Score - to have sex

Scrotum - sack that holds the testicles – feel lucky you aren’t a kangaroo, the Australian aborigines turn them into wallets for the tourists!  Also known as “Ball Bag”

Semen – sperm filled fluid a man expels when he has an orgasm; aka cum, cock snot

Sex Addict someone with a compulsive need for sex

Sexpert - an expert on sex, especially a media pundit – think Dr Ruth

Sex Surrogate  - counsellor who helps people with their sexual problems by engaging in sexual activity with them.

Sex Therapist - counsellor or psychologist dealing with sexual problems.

Sex Toys - object designed to enhance sexual pleasure eg. Dildos, vibrators

Sexual Intercourse  - sex with penetration

Shaft - an erect penis referring to the length from the base up to, but not including the head

Shemale - transsexual who has not yet undergone a complete sex change and is still packing meat and two veg so if you stick your hand in “her” pants you’ll get a shock

Shocker - masturbation technique with women where the index and middle finger are inserted the vagina while the pinkie is inserted in her ass. Also referred to as a "six pack" (that's how you hold a six pack of beer), "two in the pink, one in the stink" or "two on the clit one in the shit".

Shoot – with a man, when he ejaculates

Shrimp, Shrimping, - licking or sucking someone's toes during sex

Sixty-Nine (69) – oral sex by two people on each other at the same time – “69” suggests the act – aka “Soixante Neuf” (pronounced “Swasson Nerf” and is French for 69

Slut - derogatory term for a woman who has had many guys

S&M see BDSM

Smegma - white, cheese like substance secreted by the sebaceous glands and collects under the foreskin – wash your dick properly

Smurf – see Danza Slap – slapping a woman in the face with your dick

Sniffer's row, Sniff row – the front row of seats nearest the stage in a strip club

Snowball - after a man ejaculates in someone's mouth, passing the semen back and forth between partners.

Snow Blow - oral sex on a man with ice cubes in your mouth; also try it with Altoids

Sodomy - legal term for anal sex

Softcore – porn that is not explicit eg do not show penetration or sexually aroused genitals

Sexually Transmitted Disease – aka STD; disease spread through sexual contact

Spanish fly – the sexual equivalent of a Mickey Finn”, an aphrodisiac sneaked into someone’s drink

Spermicidal – a sperm killer, usually on a condom or other contraceptive device such as the cap

Spoon, Spooning – when a man has sex with a woman from behind but they are both lying down on their side

Spunk - semen.

Strap-on, Strap-on Dildo – a dildo worn by someone, usually a woman who is feeling penis envy, attached to a harness, so that it can be thrust into a partner like a penis

Stripper exotic dancer usually nude or semi naked

Sub – a submissive in BDSM relations, contrasts with a Domme

Switch - someone who can act as a dominant or submissive in BDSM play


Ta Ta – breast; tits

Teabagging - when a guy drops his testicles down onto someone's mouth

Tease – cf prick teasing; leading someone on with the allure of sex but not delivering any

Tit Fuck, Tit Wank – placing your dick between a woman's breasts and thrusting as if having sex

Tranny – a transsexual

Taint – medically known as the perineum, the strip between genitals and anus in both men and women

Threesome –see ménage a trios, three people having sex with each other

Toss (someone's) salad – have oral sex on someone’s ass cf anilingus

Train – a group of people lining up to have sex with someone

Transgendered - living as the opposite sex from which one is born

Transsexual - someone who has undergone surgery and/or hormone treatments to appear and live as the opposite sex.

Transvestite - a man who dresses in women's clothing, make-up, etc

Trib, Tribbing, Tribadism – the lesbian act of putting or rubbing vaginas together; see Scissor Fight

Turned-on - sexually aroused

Twink – a young, slightly built gay guy


Uncut – not circumcised

Unload – to ejaculate

Upskirt – the view up a woman’s skirt, usually a photo or video taken without the woman knowing


Vagina -  woman's sex organ; also known as the love tunnel and into which your dick is inserted

Vaginal Orgasm – orgasm without clitoral stimulation

Vaginismus – when a woman has a sex  problem in that the vaginal muscles tighten up making sex impossible or painful

Vanilla – plain sex; nothing kinky and usually refers to sex between men and women

Vasectomy – surgery to sterilize a guy, can be reversed rarely

VD –venereal disease; named after Venus, Roman Goddess of Love

Venereal Disease – see VD

Viagra –a male sex pill that helps them get and keep an erection

Vibe – a vibrator

Vibrator - a sex toy that vibrates and often includes a clitoral stimulator or is used for such; contrast with Dildo

Violet Wand - BDSM wand shaped sex toy that creates a shocking sensation

Virgin; Virginity – a man or woman who have never had sex before

Vominatrix – a dominatrix who specializes in making her partner vomit

Voyeurism – gaining sexual gratification from watching someone else have sex; the opposite of exhibitionism

Vulva – see pudenda – the external female genitals and includes the clitoris


Wank – to masturbate, an English term

Watersports - sex acts involving pissing or enemas; see Golden Shower – practitioners are known as urophiles and the act is known as urology

Wax to masturbate a guy

Wet – when a woman becomes turned on her vagina will produce lubricant

Wet Dream – when a guy has an erotic dream and ejaculates in his sleep

Whore – nasty name for a prostitute; also hooker

Wife Swapping – swinging; married couples having sex with other people and especially with other married couples

Wood, Woody –a hard on or erection



X-rated – for over 18’s (or 21’s in some places) means it contains explicit sex images and especially porn movies 

XXX – abbreviation for X-Rated


Yaoi – erotic animation from Japan dealing with man on man action

Yoni - Ancient Indian term for vagina – it appears in the Kama Sutra and frequently referred to in Tantric Yoga or Tantric Sex


Zoophilia – regarding animals with sexual interest – get a life!



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