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Using an Escort Service …Priceless!!

Let’s just look at the simple economics of dating...

You ask a woman out – and she says maybe.   North Carolina Escorts

You send her flowers - $50.   Independent Escorts In North Carolina

You call her and eventually she says yes.  You agree to dinner - $100.   North Carolina Independent Escorts

You have drinks and go to a club - $100.   Escorts Services North Carolina

You pay for cabs or your gas - $50.    Independent Escorts NC Services too!  Independent NC Escorts

You drop her off at her place at the end of the evening, walk her to the door and she turns to you and says:


“Well I had a great time tonight, let’s do it again …. Call me!”

You get a kiss and an itch in your pants as the door closes, while you are out $300 only to get an invitation to go and do it all over again!

The look on your face … Priceless!!

Come on guys – this is a con and the chicks know it!!

Forget the money and just think of the time you spent, probably doing a bunch of stuff that you couldn’t care less about and would rather have been doing something else that you really did want to do.

So for $300, you wasted an evening, had some idle chit chat about what she is interested in, learned how much her ex did not understand her and why she left him and you get to go home to spank the monkey!

Using an escort service cuts through all the red tape; escorts are professionals who are there to provide a real service whether it be simply companionship, someone to share an evening with or getting laid.  You know where you stand from the start and if you don’t want to go through all the usual rituals of wining and dining and want just the main course, that’s fine too.

All of which leaves you with value for money and no waste of your time, leaving you free to get on and do what you really want to do.



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