Show me a man who hasn't paid for a girlfriend experience (gfe) and I'll show you a man who has lost a womans phone number
It is a fact that about 70% of today’s business professionals have sought out some sort of professional companionship or escort. Many wealthy and distinguished professionals between the ages of 28 and 55 are seeking world-class travel companions or simply a no strings attached girl friend experience. I’m sure you are wondering why a rich, powerful, attractive man needs to pay for extra-marital affairs. Are there not tons of women throwing themselves at him for free? The answer is Yes, there are. But those women will always want something…eventually. Eventually, we all pay for companionship in one way or another. Some become ‘the girlfriend’, in exchange for a roof over their head, financial security, and a stress-free lifestyle. While other girls will become the ‘girlfriend’ for a week in Paris, or a weekend in New York in exchange for cash. This leaves their ‘king’ with a clear head for business while the provider of the girlfriend experience can pay for that lifestyle themselves. Ladies, it is hard work to keep a relationship fresh and as we all know, as girlfriends, we need and want attention and devotion. Escorts do not want or care about these things. Premier companionship is all about making the busy working man feel like a ‘king’ while enjoying the company of an upscale escort/companion. “She arrives on location and I have no urge to know her real name, all entertainers use “stage names“ like star or lily”. Upon arrival there’s no need or feeling of what I need to do to please her”. It’s a fair and just arrangement…I kick her some ducks, we have a carefree time for a few days, then she is out the door leaving me to do as I want until I call to see her seductive body and hear her glorious conversation another day. In essence we’re paying for the entertainers to put my time off at rest and then to disappear with no disagreement.”
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